What is Golden Visa?

The Spain Golden Visa program is a special type of residence for all citizens from outside the European Union who wish to move to Spanish territory. Obtaining the Golden Visa in Spain is a big opportunity for non-Europeans citizens who are interested to invest either a substantial amount in Spanish debt securities, business or real estate or bring new business to Spain. For entrepreneurs and investors, the Golden Visa for Spain is a good and quick route for obtaining a Spanish residency and a work permit.
The main aim of the Golden Visa for Spain is to promote the Spanish Economy and to support the creation of new jobs and the entry of new talent to Spain.
The Spain Golden Visa type of program has been established in many countries that allow you to obtain citizenship or residence in that territory in exchange for a certain economic investment on it, which can normally materialize in the acquisition of real estate above a certain value, investment in public debt or investment in companies. The people taking part in these Spain Golden Visa programs are often exempted from the requirements of residence or knowledge of the language that are applicable to the rest of the applicants.

Why do the Golden Visa in Spain exist and since when?

Spain Golden Visa’s were extended from 2008, since the beginning of the Great Recession, when some countries affected by the economic crisis, saw in the Golden Visa Spain instrument a source of public resources. Similarly, there has been a growing demand from citizens of countries such as China, Russia, or Venezuela wanting to find safe residences for their money and the protection of a passport that would save them visa procedures and this can happen thanks to Golden Visa Spain.

This tool of Golden Visa in Spain came into force through Law 14/2013 on 27th September to support entrepreneurs and their internationalization, that introduce a new framework (Title V Section 2 International Mobility). Thanks to Spain Golden Visa, foreigners who intend to enter or reside in the national territory will have easier access and permanence for different reasons of economic interest for the country.

Who can make use of the Golden Visa for Spain? Who can take profit of the Spain Investor Visa?

The Spain Golden Visa is intended for all those citizens from outside the European Union who intend to make an investment in Spain as a way to obtain residence, which you can achieve through Golden Visa for Spain (Investor Visa Spain).

There are many benefits and advantages about obtaining a Spain Golden Visa. Here you can see them of Golden Visa Spain 2019.

  • If you get a Spain Golden Visa you can live in this country for one-year.

  • Thanks to Golden Visa for Spain you will get a two-year residence permit which is renewable for periods of 5 years if you really reside in Spain and as long as the investment is maintained*.

  • You can live and work legally in any part of Spain, which means that the Golden Visa for Spain functions as a work permit.

  • The residence in the Spanish territory is not required. Spain Golden Visa only requires the applicant to travel to the country once a year. There is no minimum stay requirement, and you don’t have to become a fiscal resident or actually live in Spain.

  • You can travel freely throughout Europe but only to the countries inside the Schengen Area, if they are not, you will have to request an especial visa (for example in the United Kingdom).

  • This Spain Golden Visa program allows the holder to request family regrouping including their spouse, children aged under 18 and adult dependent relatives. The underage children will have the possibility of study in Europe*.

  • After living ten years in Spain it is possible to gain a citizenship through Golden Visa for Spain.

  • In order to apply for a Spain Golden Visa, it is not obligatory for the applicant to do it physically in Spain. You can simply designate a representative to pick up the relevant documentation for her or him.

  • There is a quick procurement of the permit.


*Thanks to some key updates made in the law in 2015 you can apply directly for a residency permit (without making firstly Investor Visa Spain). Now direct ascendants and descendants of the investor will be allowed to obtain a residency permit, regardless of their age, thus enabling the wider family including parents and adult children to benefit from the Spain Golden Visa program if they are dependent. Unmarried, cohabiting couples also benefit from the law when they register under the Spanish “domestic partnership” Civil Registry, a rule which also applies to same sex couples.

Golden Visa Spain 2019: Benefits and advantages

The Golden Visa Spain (Investor Visa Spain) can be applied for by anyone who accomplish at least one of the following points:

  • Invest at least 500.000 € in Spanish real estate property**

  • Invest a minimum of 2 million € in Spanish debts (Spanish Treasury Bonds)

  • Invest 1 million € Spanish companies (shares)

  • Invest 1 million € in investment funds.

  • Deposit 1 million € in a Spanish bank account

  • Be hired as a highly qualified professional by a company in Spain

  • Want to do a business project considered to be of special economic interest in Spain which have to follow three conditions:

  • Job creation as a direct result of the investment.

  • Technological or scientific impact.

  • Considerable socioeconomic impact in the geographical location where the activity will be developed.

**In the case of investment through the purchase of real estate, proof of the investment must be provided through a Property Registry certificate attesting ownership. You can buy some properties, a total investment should €500,000 minimum. The property can be mortgaged for any investment exceeding the minimum.

Other characteristics, Spain Golden Visa Requirements, that must be accomplished to be able to obtain the Golden Visa in Spain are:

  • Not be a citizen of a member country of the European Union

  • Being at least 18-years-old (legal age in Spain)

  • Having public or private health insurance by an insurance company authorized to operate in Spain

  • Disposing of sufficient economic means to cover personal and family living expenses and be able to prove it

  • Not having been refused entry in any of the Schengen countries

  • Not having a criminal record in Spain, any other country nor the place of residence of the last 5 years, for offenses defined in the relevant Spanish legislation

  • Not be subject to an alert issued for the purposes of refusing entry in the territorial space of countries with which Spain has signed an agreement in this regard

  • Not having entered or stayed illegally in Spanish territory

  • Make the corresponding investment and provide the necessary document to prove it

You have to keep in mind all the Spain Golden Visa Requirements in order to get Golden Visa for Spain (Investor Visa Spain).

In order to get Golden Visa for Spain, there is a process that you have to take into consideration.

The first thing to do is to have a representative figure make the application and the candidates who are abroad must apply for a one-year residence visa in order to accomplish what made them get the Golden Visa for Spain (for example buy a property or set up a business).

Once you have fulfilled the objectives for obtaining the Spain Golden Visa (Investor Visa Spain), you have to show by means of the corresponding documents that you have made this investment.

The one-year residence visa can be extended to a renewable for an additional period of two years. In order to obtain and renew the residence visa through Golden Visa for Spain, the investor must maintain his investment in Spain, and must make a visit during the period of residence.


In order to obtain the Spain golden visa, you have to inform yourself about the documents that you have to present. Here you can see some of them but you must keep in mind that every case is different depending on the investment that you are going to make.

If you want to obtain the Spain golden visa through the investment in immovable property, you must provide as proof of the purchase of the property the certification of domains and charges of the Land Registry and the deed of purchase of real estate.

In the case of investing in Spanish shares or participation you have to provide a declaration of the investment from the Investment Registry of the Ministry of Economy in the case of participation; and a certificate from the financial intermediary registered with the National Securities Market Commission (Comisión Nacional de Mercado de Valores) for the purchase of shares.

If what you want to do is to invest in Spanish public debt, it will be necessary a certificate from the Bank of Spain or the financial entity with which you have managed the investment in which can be clearly seen how you are the holder of that purchase.

For investments in bank deposits, you will need the certificate issued by the financial institution with which you have contracted the deal, which states that you are the sole holder of that deposit.

If you want to start a business project, prior to applying for a visa or authorization, a favorable report must be requested on the entrepreneurial and business activity to be carried out in Spain.

Along with these documents, you must also present your identity card or passport, a public or private medical insurance with an entity operating in Spain, the criminal record document and proof of financial means.

A really important thing to keep in mind about getting the Spain Golden Visa is that all documents must be translated into Spanish and the foreign public documents must also bear the Apostille of The Hague Convention or, failing that, they must have been legalized through diplomatic channels.

With regards to where to go to apply for the Investor Visa Spain, on one hand, the Spanish consulate in the applicant’s country of residence, selecting the Spanish office of representation of your place of residence, on the other hand, the residence permit will be processed in the Large Business and Strategic Sectors Unit [Unidad de Grandes Empresas y Colectivos Estratégicos (UGE-CE)]. Application must be made online through the electronic site of the Ministry of Employment, Migrations and Social Security.

Once we know exactly what requirements we must meet in order to obtain this Golden Visa Program Spain and what documentation we are going to have to provide, we have to resolve the question of the time limit.

Once all the documentation has been submitted to the competent authority in order to get the Spain Golden Visa, 20 days may elapse before the resolution is obtained. After having received this resolution with favorable results, there is a period of 1 month to apply for the Golden Visa Spain at the Spanish consulate located in the investor’s country. At that time, you must travel to Spain, to submit the application for the Spain Golden Visa with the approval.

The next step will be to obtain the TIE (Tarjeta de Identidad del Extranjero – Foreigner’s Identity Card), as well as the taking of fingerprints in any police station, having 1 month to do so.

Once the investor has obtained his Spain golden visa, he will have 1 year to reside legally in the Spanish territory.

Once this temporary period has elapsed, the applicant can apply for a residence permit that will allow him to live in Spain for 2 years, from which period he can renew.

In order to be able to carry out this procedure, the person in question must prove that he or she still owns the asset that was the object of the investment; be it the property, the shares, the public debt, etc.

In addition, you must have visited Spain at least once during the year.

After 5 years, it is possible to obtain a permanent residence permit and after 10 years legally residing in Spain, the investor may apply for Spanish nationality and therefore the European.

Here you can see a list of reasons of why you have to choose Spain to get a golden visa in Spain:

  • It has excellent schools

  • It has a remarkable health service that are at the forefront in modern medical facilities- Great climate

  • Extensive cultural heritage that spanning millennia

  • Boast some of the world’s lowest crime rates

  • Offers top-tier transport services including state-of-the-art high-speed rails connecting you with Europe’s major capitals

  • One of the best gastronomies in the world

It is based in the solidarity between the community.

Your investment in the real estate Spain is the fastest way to get residency and a working permit in this country and it benefits all your family. The application process is very fast: 10 working days for Golden Visa Spain and 20 working days for residence permit.  The government fees are low. The process is very straightforward. It is a very restrictive route to gaining citizenship and to have a second passport.

If you are interested please contact us to show you our offers in real estate to buy in Spain and organize a meeting with the good professional lawyers in Spain to clarify all your doubts in order to get the Spain Golden Visa.

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